At the heart of InsightSTEM are our grassroots tribes of knowledge explorers who lead the way, around the world, in the future of STEM learning through exploration.


Browse through our different tribes below and find the match for you! There are opportunities for High School and University Students, Young STEM Professionals, Teachers, and all members of the community who want to have an impact on the future of STEM learning.


We need your help to create a future where all minds are STEM literate, critically thinking, global learners -- and the time is now to do your part and get invovled!

Campus Ambassadors

Our Campus Ambassadors are graduate and undergraduate students from around the world with a shared interest in advancing their own careers while having a passion for sharing STEM knowledge with others through exploration in classrooms, with families and communities, by using novel exploration technologies or participating on expeditions!


Democratizing Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Knowledge through Exploration

Insightful Teachers

Insightful Teachers are an international group of educators with a shared passion to share STEM knowledge with learners by using exploration. Insightful Teachers participate in Professional Learning Paradise -- online, and actually in paradise... and have access to supported Premium Professional Partnerships with STEM professionals.

Young STEM Professionals

Apply to become an InsightSTEM Young STEM Professional

InsightSTEM Young STEM Professionals lead the future of sharing STEM knowledge through exploration, by supporting InsightSTEM as an organization, and in return being supported themselves to work with teachers and classrooms, families and communities, or with novel technologies to impact the future of STEM learning.

High School Scholars

High School Scholars are 14-18year olds who want to work together with InsightSTEM for a bright future in STEM fields. Our high school scholars have support for their own personal growth, participate in genuine research and development projects, and learn to share STEM knowledge with others... all in preparation for University and a great career!

Expedition Crews

We host STEM Exploration Expeditions around the world allowing our participants to experience unique settings and opportunities while developing new ways to share the exploration of STEM knowledge globally. Our mission crews leave having had an amazing experience in the field, while having an impact on STEM learners for years to come!

Local Impact Committees

Our Local Impact Committees across the USA, India and in Liberia are dedicated local teams, working together to bring InsightSTEM programs and activities to their local region, while developing their own skills in sharing STEM knowledge through exploration! We also plan to expand regional committees across the globe coming very soon...

Fundraisers and Donors

Become an InsightSTEM Fundraiser, or donate today!

Fundraisers and Donors are key to InsightSTEM's non profit mission to have huge impacts on STEM learning through exploration locally, internationally, and internationally. Our motto is to use our funding to have meaningful local impacts, globally... and with your support we can work to create a great future of knowledge.